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Juyondai Hizoshu Junmai Daiginjo | 十四代 秘藏酒 纯米大吟酿 | 720ml

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Polishing Ratio: 35%

Grade: Junmai Daiginjo

Prefecture: Yamagata

Rice: NA

Produced by Takagi Sake Brewery in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, is known as Japanese Sake. It is produced in limited quantities. It was selected by the Japanese government as the sake to be served to foreign heads of state at the G8 Summit in 2008, making it even more famous. The most famous Japanese Sake is Tokushiro.

The alcohol level is 15 degrees, and the refined rice step is 35%. The aroma is very fresh and full, with a slightly spicy mouth, and should be consumed as soon as possible after opening.