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About Us

About US is the refreshed site of our existing e-commerce business at

We are part of the Chuan Hoe Distribution Company, the oldest distribution company in Singapore. Started in 1961, the company has been a part of the alcohol trade in Singapore ever since. was started to bring about a greater convenience to our customers and to provide the following. 

Sharing of Knowledge

Asher BWS integrates the imparting of fundamental knowledge towards beers, wines and spirits with the appreciation of alcoholic beverages to our consumers. We believe that transparent education is essential for consumers to decide what they are drinking or buying to facilitate their interests and needs.

Events, Private Dinners and More

Asher BWS caters to your requirements for beer, wine and spirits at your private functions and events, providing convenience, quality service and a wide range of alcoholic beverages for your special occasions. With our partnership with Purple Sage catering, we represent food at its finest and BWS to serve you at your utmost comfort and luxury.


Our door to door delivery to consumers solves the common issues that consumers face when they purchase alcoholic products from retail stores. Gone are the times when consumers carry heavy cartons with beers or wines home from their grocery shopping. At the comfort of your living room, make your purchases online and we will deliver to your doorstep at your convenience.