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Hendrick's Cabinet of Curiosities - Neptunia 700ml

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Spirit - Type: Gin

Country: Scotland

Category: Limited Release, Premium

Packaging: No Box

ABV %: 43.4%

The sea is everything! Invigorated by a bracing breath of fresh coastal air and entranced by the endless living mysteries of the sea, Ms. Lesley Gracie considered a bold possibility: She longed to express the glorious sensory delights of the coast, as a gin. And so began Hendrick's Neptunia Gin. Hendrick's Neptunia Gin is a limited release that captures the magic of the sea, in a gin. 

Our first maritime release, the fresh sea-song notes characteristic of native coastal flora vigorously emboldens HENDRICK’S signature combination of Cucumber and Rose, culminating in an astonishingly smooth citrus finish.

HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA GIN is a captivating base for gin cocktails, and especially so in the following gin classics: HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA’S complex smoothness creates a beguilingly flavoursome GIN & TONIC; The Curious Margarita is given fathoms of new depth: HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA GIN is a thrilling base for the Gin Gimlet. Navigate other fine sea cocktails in the coastally glorious company of HENDRICK’S first and only seaside gin.


A very mild whiff of brine to start – it’s more subtle than distinct. Other than that, it’s recognisable as a Hendrick’s. Mild roses, juniper and coriander form the basic structure. It has a sharp citrus aroma- though definitely nowhere close to the Lunar’s level of fruitiness. Towards the tail end, there is a subtle herbal note- not medicinal; more culinary. Perhaps it’s thyme or fresh cut grass, but it does put one in the mind of a small herb garden.

Sweet and spicy to start. That herb garden, but with delicate sweetness, rather than medicinal punch. A peppery, spicy middle that goes on a little long for my taste. A touch of citrus, but more that of dry peels, not fresh slices of fruit bursting with juice. If you’re looking for the tang of the sea- well, it’s there- but it’s not front and center. The savoury notes do emerge when time is given for the gin to open up.

Peppery, but finally, the taste of the ocean rises from the depths to greet us. It does linger for a good long while, which is all to the good!