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Dassai Future With Farmers | 720ml

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Polishing Ratio: 8%

Grade: Junmai Daiginjo

Prefecture: Yamaguchi

Creation and Innovation: DASSAI Takes on the Challenge

Not Wanting to Waste Even a Single Grain of Rice

Yamada-Nishiki is a sake rice that, even when grown with the utmost care by the best farmers, inevitably produces 5~10% of Togai (out-of-grade) rice.
With tears, farmers have been selling Yamada-Nishiki Togai rice at low prices.

Thus, the existence of Togai rice is a burden which bores down heavily upon farmers.

We, Asahi Shuzo, are a sake brewery that strives in symbiotic relation with farmers.

Therefore, dealing with Togai rice, is a challenge which we cannot abandon.
We have searched endlessly for a way to utilize Togai rice.

Finally, we have come to a decision. It takes tremendous effort, but the result is a luscious sake that can only be accomplished with Togai rice.

Shoji Ide, who oversees rice polishing, recalls how he felt when he was told to polish Togai rice to 8%. “My first thought was, ‘What!? Can we really do it?’. However, this is totally new for me so I was anxious yet excited at the same time.