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Juyondai, Soko Daiginjo | 十四代 双虹大吟酿 | 1800ml

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Polishing Ratio: 40%

Grade: Daiginjo

Prefecture: Yamagata

Rice: Yamadanishiki

Takagi Sake Brewery was founded in 1615, the first year of the Moowa era, it is a long-established brewery with a history of over 400 years that is located in the city of Murayama famous for its Sato Nishiki cherry.

The first sake brewed was the brand "Asahi Taka", very popular in Yamagata prefecture, the "14th generation" sake started around 1963 , this is a limited edition product made by polishing "Yamada Nishiki" special rice from Yoshikawa Town and aging it at ice temperature.