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Kokuryu, Kokuryu Daiginjo | 720ml

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$88.00 - $88.00
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Polishing Ratio: 50%

Grade: Daiginjo

Prefecture: Fuki

Rice: Yamadanishiki

Daiginjo, exotically powerful after flavour, and fluffy body like cotton.

The top note is gentle, like the plum flower. There is an exotically powerful fragrance like a daphne. When the aroma goes through the nose, you can feel the nuance of cinnamon and honey. The texture is silky and layered, and the quality is exquisite. The body is attractive, and the fluffiness is something like premium cotton.
It nicely pairs with fresh white meat fish and sautéed seafood.

On top of everything else, we can proudly say that this is a well-made super premium and rare KOKURYU. You don't know KOKURYU till you taste this one.