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Niizawa Zankyo Super 7 | 720ml

Original price $528.00 - Original price $1,374.00
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$528.00 - $1,374.00
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Polishing Ratio: 7%

Grade: Junmai Daiginjo

Prefecture: Miyagi

Rice: Kuranohana

In 2009, the first sake with a single-digit rice polishing ratio was released in Japan.
We brewed Zankyo with our newly built rice polishing machine, wondering “how far can we push rice polishing?” and “what will the final product taste like?”
The sake was brewed with a technical mindset. We suppressed the yeast-derived ginjo aroma and experimented with the core flavor of the rice. As soon as it finished fermenting, we were contacted by breweries in the same industry who wanted to taste the sake. We thought if industry professionals were interested in the sake, then our customers would be as well – from there Zankyo was born.
At its conception, Zankyo’s rice polishing ratio was 9%. Since then it has evolved from 9%, to 8%, to 7%, the current rice polishing ratio. It is an infinitely pure, beautifully translucent, and stunningly balanced sake of exceptional quality.