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Campari Cask Tales 1L

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Spirit - Type: Liqueur

Category: Core Range, Premium

Packaging: Gift Box

Campari is a bright red colored amaro, flavored with orange peel and various aromatic herbs . It was created by the eponymous Italian company, founded in Milan in 1860.

This edition was created by herbalist and master blender Bruno Malavasi for the 150th anniversary of the birth of Davide Campari. The classic Campari was matured in second-fill Bourbon barrels . Aging in Bourbon barrels softens the bitter notes with fruity, sweet and creamy tones, providing a delicate oak scent.

Campari is drunk as an aperitif, neat or on ice, with or without a slice of orange. This alcoholic drink is used in various cocktails, such as the Americano, the Spritz or the Negroni or simply topped with fruit juice (orange, grapefruit, pomelo).