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Juyondai Kakushin Honmaru Junmai Ginjo | 十四代 本丸純米吟醸 | 1800ml

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Polishing Ratio: 55%

Grade: Junmai Ginjo

Prefecture: Yamagata

Rice: Gohyakumangoku

The Juyondai “Kakushin” series features unique and limited sakes released annually between December to February only.

Slightly sweet with a flowery scent, the Kakushin Honmaru Junmai Ginjo is best paired with oysters, seafood and sashimi.

In time of war, the “Honmaru” was the most protected part of the castle, and its meaning is extended to the center of things, showcasing the importance of its status. Additionally, the words “Jade Back” which runs along the side of the bottle refers to the secretive “Jade Sake Reentry” technique passed down by the 14th generation. As a test of skills to the winemaker, the highly distilled jade wine used to make shochu is added to the brewed sake to make the wine more unique. Since this wine has not undergone sterilization process, it can retain the original aroma, resulting in a taste that is fresh and sweet, with a mouthfeel that is round and full, and a very balanced overall feel.